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We are a leading supplier for the promotional clothing industry, providing end-to end apparel solutions to Australian companies since 1993, dressing Australians from head to toe across diverse industries. Our uniforms, range from healthcare, hospitality, industrial, sports, corporate to lifestyle. We have 3 successful brands, Winning Spirit, Benchmark and AIW. These brands have reshaped the clothing industry. We are committed to developing uniform solutions that create unity, trust and empower teamwork and communities. Catering perfectly across performance use, lifestyle use, casual wear to trendy designs, our garment brings style, comfortability and durability, so that every employee will feel safe and comfortable.  Each garment is backed by our quality assurance, so regardless of task at hand, performance is guaranteed. We also provide embroidery, and digital/screen printing services on our garments, creating professional brand identities for every uniform. We also specialize in custom made look uniforms.




We understand the diversity of the healthcare industry. Our benchmark Healthcare range has been designed with innovation and functionality. We provide garments to a diverse industry in the healthcare sector - large state and national hospitals, aged care facilities, Vets and medical practices. Benchmark offers the latest in Scrubs and also a range of health separates, coordinated with current functional polos, shirts, soft-shell tops, cargo utility range, and many more styles. These cleverly grouped combinations deliver a wide choice of colors groups for any health facility. Our garments provide the latest in garment function, focusing on protection, comfort, and garment care. This securing multiple benefits for all health facilities. We offer a point of difference, with benefits such as 2 way stretch, anti-microbial protection and long-life garment freshness. All garments are packed with sustainable packaging.




Our Benchmark hospitality apparels range, delivers on functionality, fashionable and longevity. We cater for both the front and the back of the house, ranging from aprons, chef jackets and pants. Combined with many coordinated options of stretch tees/polos, checked shirts, this range makes the perfect affordable café/hospitality uniform/apparel work solution. This guarantees that every staff member will be dressed for every venue impressing every customer. Our fabrics have been tested to withstand the demands of the Industry. 


Tourism and Travel


Whether the industry is the air or on the ground, such as airlines, airport staff, tour guides, hotels and travel agents, we have all the fashionable, functional and longevity uniforms that caters for all these industries. We have vast industry knowledge, providing our clients with a diverse mix of products and services. Our uniforms styles, range from corporate professional looks or smart casual apparel to represent any company brand. Our products also includes, caps, hats, bags and towels.




We are aware that the retail industry has changed over the last few years. We understand that a well-designed and a functional uniform that represent the brand are important, in a very competitive environment, as it is an essential element of the customer service experience. A professional look differentiates the brand and identifies the employees or any company to the consumer. Therefore we develop a large range of garments that delivers a representation of any brand or organisation. Combined with embroidery or digital printing, we will ensure your clients brands stand out, and creates a complete uniform solution.




Having a long-term partnership with The Victorian Police Blue Ribbon Foundation, means we understand the uniform needs and requirements for this industry. When developing our garments, we put safety as the number one priority. We are committed to developing uniforms solutions, which provide the confidence for our police or any govt department, to perform their duties everyday to protect our community. 


School wear


We have a complete range of products that cover all schoolwork requirements- from classrooms, schoolyards and sports. We are here to help schools to grow and unite. We supply all garments and accessories as an example of a diverse line and dress code for primary or secondary school children-from shorts, polos, pants, jackets, caps and hats.


Events and Promotions


We provide a high quality uniform that covers all industries in events, concerts and conferences, to promote any business or brand. Well designed, coordinated and functional uniforms which are fitted for the purpose. The uniforms are stylish and trendy which can represent any events and promotional companies.


Sports and Teams


Our collection covers any individual or teams of any shape or size -team sports, sports clubs, fitness centres, and gyms. We develop only high quality sport clothing and sports apparel. We ensure that participants always look and feel their best. We here to help schools, associations and teams unite through sport, and take pride in their performance. Delivering functional uniforms that positively distinguish schools, associations, teams and their members, We offer a range of materials and patterns to suit a wide variety of sports – from AFL and Rugby to Basketball, Cricket, Hockey, Netball, Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball and more.




The lifestyle industry is a large market- from fashion, entertainment, hobbies, beauty and fitness and active wear, the industry has shown a lot of growth in recent years. Fashion and lifestyle go hand in hand. Fashion reflects lifestyle and lifestyle is reflected in a person’s outfits and accessories. We understand this concept; therefore we develop a wide range of garments that cater for this growing Industry.  Our range includes polos, t-shirts, pants, shirts, jackets, hats, hoodies, caps and bags All of our 3 brands cater for this market.




We have been dressing the Australians corporate industry for many years with our Benchmark brand, stylish clothing designed specifically for business attire. Our range provides any workplace with innovative, quality, and functional design options, handling any pressures of meetings and office work. Business attire can make and break a deal. Therefore, our Benchmark clothing locks a wide assortment of garments for both men and women where every business will never fail to make an impression. Employees will always look comfortable and polished. The range offers classy corporate style or smart casual apparel, providing a perfect balance between smart casual sophistication A wide assortment of our collection includes shirts, pants, suit pants and jackets, skirts, dresses, knitwear. The chinos collection also introduced to let every business person walk on the street with confidence.


Tradies and Transport


We understand the demands and requirement of the Industrial sector, therefore our AIW brand (Australian Industrial Wear), caters to the various needs of the industrial sector and the people working in it. We have a reputation of providing the Industry sector with the highest quality, safety and comfort garments for over 20 years. Offering Durable work wear, well designed and manufactured in the latest styles and with innovative fabrics. Materials that adapt to and perform in the harshest of working conditions Our new AIW-X range, is as design street work wear range, a sub-brand of AIW, adds a new level of contemporary style. The range includes for both men and ladies: Hi Vis in Fleece, Jackets, Coverall, Pants, Polos, Shirts, Singlets, Vests, Polos, Safety Pants, Work Pants, Work Shirts, Overalls, Safety Pants, Work Jackets and Work Shorts.


Construction and Mining


Our AIW brand makes sure, each product of the brand is manufactured to provide comfort and durability for the active working people and address all their needs and requirements, taking environment and working conditions into consideration. High quality products in a highly competitive and tough work wear industry, making sure safety is our number 1 priority. With job sites having strict OH&S and WHS guidelines to follow, our products follow all the complaints. Our range includes for both men and ladies’ range: Hi Vis in Fleece, Jackets, Coverall, Pants, Polos, Shirts, Singlets, Vests, Polos, Safety Pants, Work Pants, Work Shirts, Overalls, Safety Pants, Work Jackets and Work Shorts.


Rail and Road Transport


Our AIW brand, caters for business that operate in rail and road transport. This includes light and heavy industry work wear. Our range includes Hi-Visibility biomotion garments, for both day and night and 3m reflective tapes garments. Safety is our number 1 priority when developing Industrial work wear. AIW carries out strict tests to make sure the quality of fabrics and whether they are compliant with AS/NZS Safety Standards. Designed in “traditional” and “modern” styles, it delivers unmatched comfort, protection and easy fit with AIW products The range includes for both men and ladies: Hi Vis in Fleece, Jackets, Coverall, Pants, Polos, Shirts, Singlets, Vests, Polos, Safety Pants, Work Pants, Work Shirts, Overalls, Safety Pants, Work Jackets and Work Shorts.